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Meet the Team

Flavia is the founder of Bookcase Literary Agency, is driven, determined and quick to see business opportunities, while using her management skills to bring a breath of fresh air into the market. She has always been an aggressive and addictive reader. She believes she has the best job in the world.

Flavia Viotti


Meire has been a part of the Bookcase team since the company first opened their doors. She holds a master’s degree in business and has a vast range of professional experience, but her real passion has always been books. She is driven to support and nurture both established and new authors and has quickly established herself as a respected agent with editors in many different countries. When she’s not curled up on her couch reading, she is watching cooking shows in hopes of one day making something more edible in her own kitchen to impress her fellow foodies in Lisbon, where she currently lives.

Meire Dias

Director of Subsidiary Rights

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