The Plan

You’ve heard this story before. Woman feels her biological clock ticking and gets someone to knock her up. 
Not for love, for baby. 
Crazy, right? 
That’s what I thought. 
Then I found out my fiancé had a vasectomy. The life I thought I had? Nope. Suddenly I’m 33, and I don’t even have a kissing buddy. 
When my mom’s health takes a turn and I wind up back in my hometown of Fate, Alabama, I tell myself to leave things up to…well, you know. 
Then I see Gabriel McKellan. He’s Fate’s most famous son, a bestselling author who is beautiful, complicated, and living just below me. In addition to his plus-sized brain, Gabe’s well-endowed in other ways and great in bed to boot. I would know. He's my ex-husband. 
When I suggest The Plan, I don't imagine that he'll take the bait. It's been ten years, and we don't work. But Fate has other plans for both of us.


  • Published by HEA Press

  • Original in English

  • Genre - Romantic Comedy

  • Available for negotiation outside the U.S.

  • This author is represented by RF Literary





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North Hollywood, CA 9160


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