Tell Me To Stay
tell me to stay.jpg

It’s impossible to get over what we had. 
He was everything – irresistibly handsome, ruthlessly elite, and seemingly untouchable - while I was nothing. 
Yet he protected me when I was at my lowest; more than that, he wanted me. 
He devoured me… and I did the same to him. 
Until it all fell apart and I ran as far away from Madox as I could. After all, the two of us were never meant to be together.
I never thought I’d see him again, years later. Let alone be under him in the way I’ve craved since we said goodbye. 
The attraction between us still burns like fire, but time can’t change the past. And I don’t know if it’s possible for us to mend all of our broken pieces.

  • Independently Published

  • Original in English

  • Genre - Romance

  • Available for negotiation outside of the U.S.