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Jane started writing contemporary romance five years ago. Before that, she was a full-time journalist and children’s author.


Her number one past-time is watching hot surfers at the beach. It’s also her quiet place where book ideas come to life. Writing is her love, her hobby, and her total addiction. 


Jane also enjoys watching major sporting events and always wondered what it would take to train your body to that extent, as well as possess that level of ability. So learning about the hard work and dedication, the highs and lows, the injuries and disappointments first hand from Stu has been eye-opening for her. She's loved every minute of their collaboration.



Stuart Reardon
Jane Harvey-Berrick 

Stuart is a retired Professional Rugby League player of 20 years. He
played for various top league teams and played International for Great

He now runs an Online Fitness programme called Fear Nothing Fitness or FNF.
His first book with Jane Harvey-Berrick is Undefeated - A Rugby Romance.

He is a Model and can be found on the front Cover of numerous Romance Novels.

You can follow Stuart on all social media platforms and he has a website where you can learn about Stu and his fitness programme.



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