Little Secret

The Schürmann family is known internationally for great adventures around the world aboard a sailboat. In 1991 when their paths crossed with Robert and Jeanne in a bay in remote New Zealand, their trajectory changed completely. This unexpected meeting gave them a great gift and a little secret. During the eleven years that Kat lived with Heloisa and Vilfredo Schürmann, she had the most amazing and adventurous life. She saw sea lions, whales and dolphins, collected colorful eggs on Easter Island, made friends all over the world. An incredible life with experiences that most children, and even adults, know only through books and movies.

In Little Secret, the reader will find exciting details of this real-life story that had every element to become a sad story, but instead, turned into an incredible journey around the world.

A story of unconditional love that will touch your heart.

  • Published by HarperCollins Brazil

  • Original in Portuguese 

  • English material available

  • Available for negotiation outside the U.S.





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