"When we crash-landed on the island, I thought my story was over. Turns out, it was about to begin.”


He was an asshole from the first moment we met.


I took one look at the stranger in the airport terminal and knew he was exactly the kind of man my mother spent seventeen years warning me against. Gruff, grumpy, and far too good-looking to stare at without experiencing heart palpitations.


Thankfully, I’d never see him again.


Or so I thought.


I couldn’t have known our plane would crash.

I couldn’t have predicted we’d be the only survivors.

I couldn’t have ever, in my wildest dreams, anticipated that the asshole from the airport would become my only source of solace in the darkness.


It’s so wrong to want him, for so many reasons. But as the months slip by and our hopes of rescue grow dimmer… the spark between us kindles into something impossible to ignore.


Sometimes, survival requires swimming in uncharted waters.

But if salvation doesn’t come soon…


I might just drown in him.

  • Independently Published

  • Original in English

  • Genre - New Adult

  • Available for negotiation outside of the U.S. (excluding Portugal and Poland)